Technology that’s made a big difference

—more than 10 million times over.

More than 30% of patients are moving between unrelated healthcare systems.

RadAssist enables physicians to compare past exams to which they would not otherwise have access.

LucidHealth’s proprietary solution seamlessly navigates across multiple disparate hospital systems to gather patient information and bring complex multi-site worklists into one window pane—no manual routing resources required.

With RadAssist, disparate dictation systems may be combined into one workflow, also eliminating the need for multiple passwords/logins to different systems. RadAssist provides a more flexible and customizable workflow. With data elements from RIS, HIS, dictation systems, EMR, scheduling systems, multiple PACS and modalities, a rich LucidHealth database delivers on-demand, relevant information as needed.


peer review


clinical and operational analytics

RadAssist has been in heavy clinical use for more than 10 years and has managed over 10 million exams. This has created a virtual patient archive across multiple health systems, including 25 hospitals and 28 outpatient facilities.

RadAssist offers real-time clinical and operational analytics, providing the management tools for optimizing staffing and real-time peer review.

Increased performance benefits of 14% greater volume per hour have been demonstrated when compared to leading systems. New users have realized performance gains of 19.6% compared to pre-implementation.

The right image

to the right radiologist

at the right time.

The radassist unified workflow solution

  • RadAssist gathers information from different data sources in healthcare systems
  • Data is automatically normalized and delivered through the VPA for the physician
  • RadAssist automatically load-balances to direct the studies to the appropriate subspecialized radiologist
  • The result is correct clinical timing and priority, reducing patient wait time
  • Provides automated assistance to the local radiologist by exposing only the oldest or most critical exams to other radiologists
  • Radiologist can focus on each patient without the worry of falling behind
  • RadAssist enables exam refinement based on real-world information
  • Offers priority flexibility based on information not provided in the HL7 order
  • RadAssist enables automatic response to exams that begin to violate user’s set service level expectations
  • Responses to these potential violations do not disrupt the primary workflow