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LucidHealth is a unique physician-owned radiology partnership, offering the opportunity to expand your capabilities and improve quality of outcomes while retaining a primary voice in the operation of your practice.

We provide the management tools, technology and clinical support needed to optimize performance, enabling you to pursue excellence unencumbered by the administrative burden and growing financial challenges of managing an independent practice.

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Physician led,

partnership driven.

A partnership that maintains physician control and leadership of your clinical practice, while obtaining the management tools, technology, best practices and subspecialist support your practice needs to thrive.

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Built by radiologists,

for radiologists.

LucidHealth intimately understands the challenges facing private practices today. That’s why we’ve assembled the optimal combination of infrastructure, technology and strategic resources. LucidHealth’s vision for the future was inspired by radiologists and our team is committed to continuous innovation and improvement.

About LucidHealth
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Best-in-class technology for industry-leading

turnaround times & quality.

A proprietary platform offering optimized workflow, advanced analytics, systems integration and access to a real-time virtual patient archive. RadAssist is our powerful, proven, proprietary platform that delivers better decision making, lower costs, improves work life and most of all, outcomes.

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Expansive network connections

Access to an expansive network of

leading subspecialists.

Join the growing number of subspecialists dedicated to clinical excellence and patient-centered care, including user groups who establish national best practices.

Our Network
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Accurate and timely reads result in lower healthcare costs for patients. Our effective governance and peer review process delivers superior quality and reduced radiation exposure. Our belief is that every patient is the most important patient.